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Why Live Wedding Bands Matter

Why Live Wedding Bands Matter

Live wedding bands (when chosen well) will personalise the ambiance at a reception. There are many options to choose from – indie stints, established performers (at a steeper price), or your talented cousin and her pals. 

Regardless of your choice, the bottom line is that a live band will keep your audience engaged continuously during those intermissions when you’re resting or away (i.e., toilet breaks and wardrobe changes). But there’s more that goes into hiring live wedding bands…much more.  

Reasons for Hiring Live Wedding Bands #1 They Bring Out the Best in Your Emcees

It’s not easy being an emcee at a wedding, what with tons of guests to engage, and there’s only so much that jokes and punny lines do. A live band enables emcees (especially the non-experts like your best friend who doubled up at the eleventh hour) to take a breather and refresh in between segments while guests remain thoroughly entertained. 

So what happens as a result? A livelier atmosphere where emcees perform at their best while guests never face a dull moment. Win-win! Now, all that’s left for you to do is appear in your gorgeous wedding gown and drop some jaws.

Reasons for Hiring Live Wedding Bands #2 Unique Experience

There’s something special about live performances. They’re one-of-a-kind. That’s why people pay top dollar to attend concerts. It’s more affordable to buy a top-notch headset and blast your fave tunes in the comforts of your bedroom – but no, people still opt for concerts. 

The same concept applies to live wedding bands. They deliver a unique experience to your wedding event. A live wedding band will provide the raw, genuine, and unedited emotions of performers as you celebrate your big day. Sure, it’s easier to set up a playlist of songs – but why settle for something so ordinary for such a grand occasion?

Reasons for Hiring Live Wedding Bands #3 – Customisation

Weddings are intimate affairs, so customisation is an essential aspect of your big day. Live wedding bands provide limitless flexibility for song dedications and unique renditions of your fave tracks. 

The event, just like your wedding gown, should be a reflection of your beautiful personality. Live bands will help you express your joy and blissfulness better with a lively take on the songs and music that matter the most. If you intend to share a romantic dance with your partner, wedding bands can make the moment more magical and memorable.  

Reasons for Hiring Live Wedding Bands #4 – Originality 


If you’re aiming for something truly meaningful just for your wedding, consider original compositions! Live wedding bands may be open to helping you create and perform an original song that celebrates your relationship. Alternatively, you could submit a self-composed poem or vow and request to have it transformed into a tune. Either way, you’ll have an original masterpiece played specially for you. 




Wedding bands are just one of many considerations for a spectacular wedding celebration. You’ll need charming wedding photography, lovely bridal gowns, and more to hold the perfect occasion. While the preparation is fun, it can be stressful. But fret not! La Belle Couture is ever ready to help you relieve your wedding woes one at a time and make your most fantastic dreams come true. 

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