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Witness Our Featured Bridal Gowns From Sheer Love, Our Newly Launched Bridal Collection

Witness Our Featured Bridal Gowns From Sheer Love, Our Newly Launched Bridal Collection

Have you always felt that your style is connected to your femininity? When you wear something that represents you, you will command an air of confidence.

On the other hand, when you stick to a stereotype of what being feminine means, you may not necessarily feel that feminine!

Similarly for wedding gowns, every bride has their distinct style! What’s more, this is your big day and you want to look AND feel your best. Instead of fitting in the mold, why not redefine your femininity?

Sheer Love, our latest bridal collection was inspired by the idea of femininity and how one’s inner style aligns with her own identity.  

This time, the bridal gown designers collectively felt a pull towards creating an entire bridal collection that embodied a variety of styles. 

You notice that the bridal gown designs have a mix of sass, mischief and sophistication. Vibrant colours, unique fabrics and textures were one of the few components to offer multi dimensional styles!

This means one thing: you will be able to enjoy playful , bold and sophisticated looks. All this while retaining that ladylike grace!

The new bridal collection, Sheer Love, was first launched at the Garden Romance Wedding Showcase By Mandarin Oriental Singapore two Sundays ago.  

Here are some of our featured bridal gown designs that were first to grace the aisle at Mandarin Oriental’s classic Oriental Ballroom!

Featured Bridal Gowns From Sheer Love #1: Bold & Red


If you are the bride who secretly craves for attention, then this number is just for you.

Crafted by our in house bridal gown designer, Jimmy, this stunning piece features a halter neckline adds allure to the overall look.  Plus, red symbolises confidence and boldness! 

Featured Bridal Gowns From Sheer Love #2: Black Gold

Black has always been avoided for its inauspicious nature. 

But if you want to bend the tradition without offending certain relatives (this would be a secret between us!) and are willing to try a different look. To make the look less dark, the golden floral patterns was added at the bottom of the black tulle. It is almost like a dark forest look with a touch of mystery.

Featured Bridal Gowns From Sheer Love #2: Indigo & Allure

The allure of this bridal gown would definitely be the deep V neckline. But brides need not worry about expose too much.

The nude mesh is strategically stitched at the mid section of the neckline. This way, you can be assured that there will be no peek-a-boo! One less stressful worry off the list. 


Featured Bridal Gowns From Sheer Love #2: Champagne & Royalty

Sipping on champagne is akin to royalty. Don’t you think so? Combined with the glitters, it sure amplifies the cascading effect of the fabrics.

Look out for some of our favourite wedding gowns from Sheer Love in the next update! Share with us what is your favourite bridal gown design from Sheer Love or even share what femininity means to you.

Here’s a big shoutout to Mandarin Oriental Singapore, who has been so supportive of our new launches and La Belle Couture. It is indeed our honour to be a part of their showcases for the past two years and be one of their esteemed partners.

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