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You Can Definitely Perfect The Cut – If You Know Your Body Well!

You can definitely perfect the cut – if you know your body well!

You only have two choices: to look phenomenonal or not.

Of course, every bride wants to be a beauty on their wedding day. Afterall, it is THE event right? You are practically thrown in the limelight and the least you want is to be average. Everybody must look ordinary beside you, the bride. That includes the groom. Really.

There are way too many conflicting views on the Internet! This is when brides benefit from professional advice. This blog post will help give you a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t.

Before we get down to business, lets walk through the different kind of cuts!

Different gown cuts to explore

Different gown cuts to explore

Next, it is time to determine your body shape! Although you can do it on your own, it is advisable to ask a girlfriend (or groom) to take your measurements. Also, you can study yourself in the mirror and mentally outline your body shape.

There are 4 key areas to measure:

  1. Shoulders
    • Measure from tip of shoulders to the other
  2. Bust
    • Measure the circumference of the fullest bit of your bust area
  3. Waist
    • Measure the smallest bit of your waist. Usually above your belly button
  4. Hips
    • Measure the circumference, from one of your hip bone to the other. Remember to measure around the biggest bit of your bottom.

The following body shapes are as follows:

You are an Hourglass if…

You have: Shoulders and hips are almost the same size. Small waist. Your waist is at most ¼ of your shoulder, bust, and hips.

"You got that bod like Beyonce!"

“You got that bod like Beyonce!”


Obviously, the hourglass is universally celebrated for a reason. Have you seen Beyonce in an outfit that makes you go ‘ew’? Usually women with an hourglass look great in anything. The bad news? You are spoilt with diverse choices. Oh the agony!

Recommended: Although you are probably going to look great in every cut, we secretly think you should try the mermaid cut.

Why?: You will defnitely stun your audience with the graceful flow of the gown as it cinches nicely on your body line. Talk about being hot!

Avoid: there’s nothing to avoid!

You are pear-shaped if…

You have: Hips are wider than your shoulders. Small waistline and bust. Your hips is more than 5% wider than your shoulders or bust.




Did you know that there is an old wives’ tale of how women with wider hips are more fertile? We aren’t sure if that is really true, but we do know that you possess that itsy-bitsy waist that appeal to both women and men! On a side note, the pear shape is one of Singapore’s common characteristics amongst our fellow women

Recommended: Ball-gown or A-line

Why?: It helps accentuates your waist. This is especially for those who feel inferior about their hips.

Avoid: Mermaid cut and Sheath

Why?: As both cuts are very close to your bodyline, that will draw a lot more attention to the lower half of your body. Unless you have a lifelong dream of looking like Kim K, then that’s a no go.

You are an Apple if…

You have: Ample bust, small hips, broad waistline. You might be short waisted and possess slender limbs. Your shoulders or bust is 4.5% wider than your hips.

"an apple a day keeps the doctor away"

“an apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Ever find it immensely difficult to source for clothes that does not add pounds to your upper body? You are probably guilty for layering your clothes, thinking that by doing so, you can hide your frame better. That is a wrong move as this would certainly add weight to your upper body!

Being the exact opposite of your pear sisters, your primary concern is wearing a cut that helps define your waist and elongate your torso!

Recommended: Ball Gown, A-Line and Empire

Why?: The Ball gown and A-Line will add that slimming touch to your waistline and fabricate graceful movements in your sihouette.

If you want to achieve the enthreal appearance (Games of Throne anybody?),then you can opt for the empire cut. This will mask your lack of waistline too!

Avoid: Mermaid cut and Sheath

Why?: It will magnify your upper body frame and creates an imbalance. The only imbalance you need is…..nothing.

You are an Inverted Triangle if…

You have: Broad shoulders, very narrow hips. When your shoulder or bust measurement is more than 1.07 times bigger than your hips.

Upside down pyramid!

Upside down pyramid!

Inverted triangle sisters have a similar frame with Apple Shaped sisters. The key difference is how women with an Inverted Triangle shape have a smaller back and bustline as compared to those who are Apple-Shaped. The narrowness of the hips is more obvious as well.

Usually, women sporting the Inverted Triangle possess the atheletic build. This frame is more common among taller girls. In fact, most runway models have the similar frame. So ignite your model spark and work it like how they do!

Recommended: A-line

Why?: By wearing that cut, it will give that illusion of rounder hips. Guaranteed to trick your audience with a curvacious figure!

Avoid: Ball Gown

Why?: Your body will appear much more shorter. Similarly to your apple sisters, the cut will emphasize on your shoulders, which will give you a much more muscular build!

You are a Rectangle if…

You have: Shoulders and hips are almost the same, but undefined waistline. Your waist, shoulders and hips are within the difference of 6% (e.g Waist= 25 inches, Bust and Shoulder= 26.25 inches (25 x 1.05).


No curves? No problem!

No curves? No problem!

With the same or similar lengths between your shoulders and hips, the key issue is to construct a slender waistline.

Recommended: Ball Gown and A-Line

Why?:With the usual lack of curves, these cuts will certainly provide you a waist, which then further enhance your body line! Empire cuts are viable, but the effects will be lesser than the former.

Avoid: Mermaid and Sheath

Why?: Have you see a wooden plank? That is what you are likely to resemble if you choose them. Seriously.

Ultimately, it is vital for you to be confident in the cut of your wedding gown. So if you feel absolutely great in a cut that is supposedly not suitable for your shape, it is perfectly fine. Rules are meant to be broken anyway 😉

Remember, it is YOUR wedding. Whatever your Singaporean mother, relatives and friends, and even your husband-to-be (perhaps slightly?) comment about your choice does not take a higher regard than your opinion. Only you have the privelege of dictating your terms.

Want to know more on what suits you? Sign up for our SAY I DO workshop or simply like our Facebook page for more useful tips!

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