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You Know You Can Perfect The Cut – Only If You Understand Your Torso!

You know you can perfect the cut – only if you understand your torso!

Our previous post touched on different body shapes and how you can effectively look like a bombshell if you have a deeper understanding of your frame.

Now lets focus on the length of your torso! Majority of our brides make the mistake of neglecting the importance of the torso. In fact, it is equally as important as your body shape.

Think of the torso and body shape as a married couple. if you only choose to focus on your needs, the relationship between you and your partner may strain and worsen over time. Similarly, If you only choose to focus on your body shape and forgo the length of the torso, the outline of both wedding gowns and evening gowns may highlight certain problematic areas.

Here’s a question for you!:

What do you think will fit best on a bride-to-be with a shorter torso?

  1. Wear a Ball Gown
  2. Wear an A-line gown
  3. Wear a Mermaid cut
  4. Wear nothing (we are kidding, unless you are into…lets not get there)

If you chose option B then you are right! Wearing an A-line not only enhances your curves, but it creates the illusion of an elongated torso.

Most brides go straight for the Ball Gown cut as they believe that by doing so, it helps accentuate one’s waistline. It is inevitable for every bride to want to look like they have a 23 inch waist.

But there is only partial truth in that statement. Why is that so?

Having a short torso would mean that your waist is positioned ‘higher’. So imagine! If the cut of the top stops right at the waist, that will absolutely make you look stout, regardless of your height.


Alternately, if you have a long torso, wearing a mermaid cut may emphasise on the length of your mid-section and your legs may appear shorter than they are!


In summary, ignoring your proportions will probably leave you looking like a tragedy. And that’s the LAST thing you want. YIKES!

Therefore, the workmanship of the gown plays an incredible role. It is essential to ensure that your bridal consultant is professionally trained to not only accurately measure your vital stats, but expertly translate them into desired results.

Sloppy work may add inches to your waist, hips and chest, and that will definitely create a very, very, and I mean very big difference in how you will pull off the gown.

I am the master of needles and I take great measurements ;)

I am the master of needles and strings 😉

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