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Your Pre-Wedding Photography Means Nothing If It Doesn’t Speak Of Your Love Story

Your Pre-Wedding Photography Means Nothing If It Doesn’t Speak Of Your Love Story

Weddings aren’t just about being beautiful in everybody’s eyes, merry making and laughing with your friends.

It is about capturing the essence of the couple and translating into physical forms. In other words, pictures are very important as they act as evidence on how effortlessly radiant and good looking you are!

Plus, if anyone (a.k.a your groom) ever complains about you being less pretty than before, then you can whip out your wedding photos (and perhaps hit him with it), and show them how beautiful you can actually be.

Of course, artisically taken photos have no value if there is no connection between them. What’s more important to be able watch the photos come to live, as if they are telling a story of their own. Each photos has a connection to the next, and if a stranger chooses to browse through the album (for whatever reason, we may be unclear of), he/she should be able to recite a story without batting an eyelid.

Okay that’s little exaggerating. If a stranger can tell your story that easily, it means two things:

  1. He/she is a potential stalker. Run for your life.
  2. He/she is still a potential stalker. Run for your life.

Here’s a couple’s story that revolves around a couple who loves soccer and Manchester United! Look at them coyly fighting with each other. Love does make you do the silliest things, doesn’t it?



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